Saturday 6 January 2024

Dec $7,907 ... 2013 $129,024 ... 2014 $103,679

Been feeling lazy and also wondering how many people are reading my blog ... 😂 Blogging is at times lonely, so if u are reading this, pls like and comment below ...👍 The aim of my articles are meant to encourage us to move bravely forward in our journey of financial stewardship (not to brag/show off/put people down). We should always learn to Mind Our Own Money, because good finances encompass a great degree of freedom, providence and options in life for us and our families ...

Time to count my blessings in 2023 year of investing and move nervously into the brand new year of 2024. Looking back I have divested with profits on SCI, YZJ and ST Engineering. Been also active with T-Bills, Bonds and Savings Account promo rates. Have also been nibbling on local banks (DBS and UOB) and S&P500 ETFs (VUSD.L and IVV.US). Was also hopping to pick up more on fundamentally solid Reits (Areit and MLT), but they have run up quite a bit. So I will have to be patient ... Investing can sometimes be frustrating, with lots and lots of waiting ... *yawn*  By nature a Worker at heart, not doing anything apparently can be very agonising! 

In the meantime, learning more about the USA market and Options trading. Guess if I am too bored and want to earn more money, I can dabble in these. Usually during the learning process though, it's losing money 😅 Hmm ... do i want to earn more money or lose more money ... Have given myself a target of $130k this new year, which is 30% yoy increase from last year, but since my 2023 actuals was $129k, I cant possibly put anything lower right?! *stress stress*  since still have to find 130-104 = $26k more 😆 well abit of stress is good as it helps us to achieve or stretch for something higher ...

Besides achieving financial targets for 2024, have to consistently remind myself to stretch and exercise for a heathier me. Age is definitely catching up, and I am certainly not a big fan of getting old! I like this phrase "The Best is Yet to Be". Hopefully there will be much more solid great years ahead for me!


  1. Checking in to say that I read your blog. All the best for your goals in 2024!

  2. Great Covens for your sharing of your principles

  3. Happy Chinese New Year 2024! Another encouraging update Coven. Look forward to your sharing of stock selection criteria and strategy (eg. 3 banks) for dividend income in 2024.