Wednesday 1 May 2024

Apr $10K ... YTD $56K ... 2024 $132K

It's the start of Q2, and dividends are starting to roll in 😎 DBS is a major contributor this month, plus I have a number of 6 months T-bills that had matured ... Would hope to see DBS reporting strong Q1 earnings tomorrow and good dividend payout (this time with enlarged 1-for-10 bonus shares). Banks have really turned out to be pretty profitable for me, as I pivot from non-bank shares towards the 3 local banks over the past few years. Besides dividends, they are also turning out great capital gains too. I had bought some DBS and OCBC with SRS during the end of 2020, that are literally sitting at 70% gains and 10% dividend yields. Hmm should I sell them or leave them alone for bragging rights haha... Leave a comment below if u have any suggestions 😂

Looking at the chart of DBS, it has been a consistent up-trend for this largest Singapore company. After XB, DBS has surprisingly persisted to move onto a new all-time-high price. Moving averages are sloping nicely upwards, indicating a high probability of near term and long term supports of these high prices. 

Coupled with USA inflation data showing a persistent stickiness above 3%, interest rates seem to point towards higher and longer than initially expected, which is good news for the banks. DBS has reported a record FY result, and upcoming Q1 should also be strong. Coupled with strong govt backing and upcoming political handover/elections, everything seems to be going very well for DBS. Despite its record price, there's really no good reason to sell and shift the funds to another "better" stock.

Do you also think DBS is good? Pls comment and let me know!

Press on, you Mighty Man of Valour!

Thursday 11 April 2024

2023 Cashflow $142,519 w XIRR 9.0%

As stocks investing is filled with multiple Buys and Sells, constituting lots of Cashflows, I started computing the cash Inflows and Outflows that is similar to a normal business. It is common to say that Cash is akin to Blood and critical to any business operations. Cashflow is kind of related but not the same as Profit. In financial accounting, you can ascribe a profit and yet have a portfolio negative cashflow. It is also easier to financial engineer a profit than a positive cashflow 😅

Received a number of requests from readers of my blog post $983k profits in 20 years (2005-2024) on questions about my IRR... Drum roll please! 😂

As you can clearly see from above, my XIRR values are really not that great. If we do a multi year XIRR, the value would just be in single digits, underperforming the S&P500 markets of around 10% average per year. Why not just save all the trouble and put everything into the S&P500 ETF instead?! I guess there are a number of reasons namely:

1) Yes, yes I am finally starting to invest in S&P500 ETF (VUSD.L and IVV.US), plus they are really at all-time high levels currently
2) Investing in S&P500 index is really boring with nothing much to do 😆
3) Beware of getting caught in a 13-years long sideways USA market. If u had bought at the high of 2000, it would take beyond 2013 to register a profit

I am sure many of us share the same sentiment that Mr. Market knows when we buy (prices drop!) and when we sell (prices rise! Grrr...) It will really take a solid mind and emotions to hold for 13-years just to breakeven. Shares investing is simple but not easy! Hope this simple sharing benefits u  😎

Press on, you Mighty Man of Valour!

Tuesday 2 April 2024

My 7-Figures $x,xxx,xxx Porfolio (2024 Q1)

I received quite alot of comments and requests from my previous post $983k profits in 20 years (2005-2024), and decided to refresh my portfolio for the end of Q1 2024. Due to my conservative nature, I hold close to 18% of bonds (Tbills, SSB and yes even some old Astrea 6/7 bonds). UOB has grown steadily to become the largest bank in my portfolio, as I couldn't resist nimbling at it due to its price weakness vs the other 2 local banks. With the hope of interest rate cuts soon, I chose MLT, the weakest of the strong Reits and increased my position to 3%. I probably should have been more aggressive to buy up on the S&P500 ETFs, and instead of accumulating more I instead sold some, as I had expected a pull-back before S&P500 index would break with new all-time highs. Tsk tsk, an error in my judgement, not to trade what happened but what I forsee would happen... 😅  Let me know if u have any comments on how I should improve my portfolio, thanks!

Banks currently form my largest portfolio with around 37%. The 3 local banks have been  the prime gainers of high interest rates, posting record profits and great dividends too at almost 6%. With these high dividend yields does it still make sense to invest in Reits?! Still interest rates are not going to remain high forever, and Reit prices are badly beaten down. There should still be more tough financial quarters ahead as higher interest rates eat into Reits balance sheets. Well, can always start nimbling abit ... 😂  I have basically left Others & Blue Chips (Keppel, Wilmar, Comfort, Singtel, SIA) alone to balance and diversify my portfolio. They have their fair share of trying to refresh their businesses to suit the ever changing competition and financial environment. So this basically sums up my humble portfolio! Hope it benefits u or your curiosity 😎

Press on, you Mighty Man of Valour!

Thursday 28 March 2024

$983K profits in 20 years (2005-2024)

As always, I share my posts with trepidation from privacy concerns and others' negative comments. Yet there is also a strong desire to contribute positively to the investing community and encourage others to start and persevere on this difficult financial journey. 

As I look back 20 years ago in 2005, when I started to pen down in small steps of my financials into a simple Excel sheet, never would I have imagined that it will grow and multiply till this size. For 2005, I clocked a meagre $4K vs 2024, which I estimate would reach $130K. As I pen down my thoughts, mistakes and achievements, counting my blessings and painful learnings, slowly yet surely my finances have grown. 

Of course, I still have a long way to go as compared to big financial gurus who have 8 or even 9-Figures portfolio, but I am grateful with where I am currently. I hope to continue to grow and learn steadily, contributing my knowledge and finances positively. My blog name of Finacial Stewardship, stems from an inner belief to always put my Talents to Good Use.

As u read this post, give urself a pat if u are just starting your financial journey. If u have exceeded me, give urself a double pat... Press on! Financial Warrior! 😎 

Wednesday 27 March 2024

Q1 $17,808 ... Q2 $23,535 ... 2024 $114,583

It's been 3 months into the new year and almost reaching the end of Q1. So thought it would be good to have a short summary log for 2024. Singapore markets have been moving sideways for the past few months, and I am almost falling asleep... Hence blogging again 😂

Looking into Q1 numbers, there's really not much activities. I am logging in profits as my SGS T-bills mature, collecting dividends mainly from Reits (MIT, Areit, Ascott, Keppel, MLT) and divesting my ST Engineering plus picking more MLT. That's basically it for the past 3 months that seems to zoom by ...

Looking at STE's chart above, it's really quite an unexciting chart. Strong resistances can be seen in $4.10 and $4.30 regions. Bought STE about 9 years ago to diversify my portfolio, and will be exiting with about 10% gains after 9 years! That's about 1% for every year, but factoring in the yearly dividends of around 4%, totalling would make it around 5% per year.

For the MLT chart, readers should be rather familiar that interest rates have spiked up sharply for the past 2 years. Hence Reits being leveraged with debt, have suffered in their prices. MLT is approaching its 2020 low price support of $1.4+ forming "hopefully" a triple bottom chart pattern. Weekly stochastics and MFI also show its price at oversold levels.

The concern about MLT is the gearing debt which is approaching 40% with its recent $200M purchases in Malaysia and Vietnam. Hence it might either need to divest existing properties or raise cash through Rights/EFR. 

Do you have any thougths on STE or MLT? Let me know in the comments section below. If you have enjoyed my blog posts, please also help to encourage me through like, follow or comment. Thanks 😎