Monday 1 July 2024

$71,340 1H2024 income ... $142,697 FY2024 estimate

Was looking to divest abit of DBS last Friday, but was unsuccessful, to prop up my 1H2024 numbers. Well, there's always 2H to look forward to πŸ˜‚ The major bulk of my income came from dividends of banks, reits, bonds etc. Hopefully should still be comfortable for my family of 4 πŸ˜…

Markets have been mainly sideways for the past 6 months, as many are waiting for USA interest rates to fall to further stimulate the share prices. With upcoming USA elections in Nov, I doubt the Fed would make further changes to interest rates, to show their supposedly independence from politics. There can't really be full independence as the Fed chair is appointed by the USA President right?! 

For Singapore, we don't even try to hide this dependence between Fiscal vs Monetary authorities. Both should work hand-in-hand for the good of the country right?! The world's largest economy is at times disgusting to watch, as many put party over country, false loyalty over constitution *faint* πŸ˜“Still be it whoever wins, it should have little impact over the next 10 years on the S&P500 uptrend. Money truly drives the USA economy, and bad politics can be good for business unfortunately ....

In the meantime, I would add to my VUSD.L (S&P500 ETF) if there's some price correction. Looking also to the longer term for the rise of China. Will most probably start picking up some 2800.HK (Hang Seng ETF)


  1. Congrats Coven! You have done superbly well in your investment to provide for your family. Thank you for your generosity & effort to write, share your thoughts & encourage those 'still learning & stumble' dividend investors like me )) Using DBS as a case example, hopefully I can ask you to elaborate your thoughts more, particularly to gauge entry opportunity. I was hesitating to enter DBS these 2 wks though PE and dividend yield passed, the price ard $35+ seemed all-time-high. How do you manage or balance the 'fear of buy high, then price drop' and objective criteria part? Thanks v much.

    1. Thank you Dan for your encouragements. I am currently in full-time investing and not trading. Hence I am buying low and selling high (investing), not buying high and selling higher (trading). I did manage to sell abit of DBS at $38, will probably be looking at opportunities to unload more DBS, while waiting for JPM and Citibank results to come out this Fri, and 1H results around early next month. Would expect the bank results to continue to shine as interest rates remain high, that will constitute to a high NII revenue. Would also expect DBS to be generous in their upcoming dividends, so would be looking a good ~6% dividend yield for a solid bank. PE seems to be on the higher side compared vs OCBC & UOB, but of cos DBS results are better and fundamentals are also slightly stronger.

  2. Oh yes... Do remember that pyschology/emotions/mental control etc are an important part of our investment journey. Press on Financial Warrior, you mighty man of Valour! :)