Tuesday 2 April 2024

My 7-Figures $x,xxx,xxx Porfolio (2024 Q1)

I received quite alot of comments and requests from my previous post $983k profits in 20 years (2005-2024), and decided to refresh my portfolio for the end of Q1 2024. Due to my conservative nature, I hold close to 18% of bonds (Tbills, SSB and yes even some old Astrea 6/7 bonds). UOB has grown steadily to become the largest bank in my portfolio, as I couldn't resist nimbling at it due to its price weakness vs the other 2 local banks. With the hope of interest rate cuts soon, I chose MLT, the weakest of the strong Reits and increased my position to 3%. I probably should have been more aggressive to buy up on the S&P500 ETFs, and instead of accumulating more I instead sold some, as I had expected a pull-back before S&P500 index would break with new all-time highs. Tsk tsk, an error in my judgement, not to trade what happened but what I forsee would happen... 😅  Let me know if u have any comments on how I should improve my portfolio, thanks!

Banks currently form my largest portfolio with around 37%. The 3 local banks have been  the prime gainers of high interest rates, posting record profits and great dividends too at almost 6%. With these high dividend yields does it still make sense to invest in Reits?! Still interest rates are not going to remain high forever, and Reit prices are badly beaten down. There should still be more tough financial quarters ahead as higher interest rates eat into Reits balance sheets. Well, can always start nimbling abit ... 😂  I have basically left Others & Blue Chips (Keppel, Wilmar, Comfort, Singtel, SIA) alone to balance and diversify my portfolio. They have their fair share of trying to refresh their businesses to suit the ever changing competition and financial environment. So this basically sums up my humble portfolio! Hope it benefits u or your curiosity 😎

Press on, you Mighty Man of Valour!

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